Avocado Cucumber Fennel


I’m full of veggies! What I mean is I’m 100 percent raw. Nothing more nothing less. I collect the tastiest fruits & vegetables from all over the world and treat them with the utmost respect. Just as they are. I don’t approve of heat treatments on my body because I like to keep things natural. Fresh ingredients blended to produce the best flavour.

A healthy boost of vitamins and minerals from 100% pure natural cold pressed vegetable juice. Ideal for morning and during or after exercise.

Handy to keep a stash in the freezer!

-3 months shelf life in the freezer.
– Can be thawed in the refrigerator for 3 days.
-Frozen delivered in NL, BE & LU.
-100% pure juice with no added sugar.


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Avocado Cucumber Fennel


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