Whey Isolate 1kg vanilla

XXL Nutrition’s Whey Isolate has the highest possible purity, and therefore a high protein percentage and low lactose content. This also makes it dissolve very well and a shaker cup is actually not even needed to make an even shake.

Pure proteins

Because we use only the purest whey, Whey Isolate contains an unprecedented protein percentage of no less than 89%*. This whey isolate is produced with cold cross-flow microfiltration, which preserves the protein’s natural structure and allows it to be opened by the body to the maximum extent possible. This keeps the protein content as high as possible, it is rich in BCAAs and low in fat and carbohydrates. Whey Isolate also has only 0.8% lactose measured in various lab tests, making it virtually lactose-free.

*may vary by up to 3% per flavor.



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Use and dosage

Mix 1 scoop of Whey Isolate (30 grams) with at least 250 ml of milk or another beverage of your choice. Complete your shake and add carbohydrates from DextroJuice Pro or Waxy Maize, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the added value of Whey Isolate over concentrate?
A) Whey Isolate is even purer than whey concentrate and also has a higher biological value.

Q) What can I expect from the flavor ‘unflavored’?
A) Unflavored varieties are 100% pure products with no additives of flavors and sweeteners. Expect the natural taste of the ingredients here. So it is not a tasteless product like water, for example.

Q) Who is Whey Isolate intended for?
A) We have developed Whey Isolate specifically for advanced and serious athletes who want to get the maximum potential from their nutritional supplements.

Registration number

AS 3031/1 to AS 3031/9


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