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Healthy meals subscription

You want to improve your figure, don’t you?

Have you also tried a lot but without lasting results? Did you know that with shakes, pills and (crash) diets you only put your body in a saving mode, resulting in extra kilos, a disturbed metabolism, more fat storage, less muscle mass and other physical (vague) complaints? This is because the hormone balance is disrupted if weight loss is not carried out properly.

Do you recognize any of the following excuses?
-Tomorrow I’m really going to start!
-I have too many temptations, parties, dinners, drinks.
– I can’t do it anyway, I just can’t keep it up.
-I think it’s too much hassle.
-I’m too busy at work/home.

Would you like to lose a few kilos?!

Bursting with energy again and going through life happily? We know from experience that the best way to lose weight healthily, responsibly and permanently works best when you do this together. Let yourself be guided by our weight consultants.

We make it as easy as possible to achieve your goal. But most importantly: lasting results! Together with one of our coaches you will work to achieve your personal goals, a beautiful figure and a healthy weight that suits you and that you feel comfortable with.

Our weekly menus give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on the right path, even in difficult moments. Lose weight without going hungry. Which can!

Everything has already been thought out for you. All you have to do is follow the program!

What does the 6 week program look like?

  • body analysis
  • 2 Weekly Optimization
  • Lunch & Dinner (6 days a week) 
  • Nutritional advice & schedule
  • Tips and tricks
  • Guaranteed slimming
  • Only €69 per week (all inclusive)

Fill in the form for the body analysis. After this we will contact you for advice and send the supplies  up to you.

How many calories do you burn per day?

Calculating your daily calorie needs is very important. No matter how often you exercise, if you eat too much you won’t lose weight and if you eat too little you won’t gain weight. Food is therefore the most important ingredient to lose weight or to gain weight. But how many calories can you eat per day for fat loss or lean muscle building ? And what is the right ratio of macronutrients for you: proteins, fats and carbohydrates ? Calculate your daily requirement with the scientific formula. Based on this, we can draw up the advice.

Are you overweight? Calculate your BMI here

BMI means Body Mass Index. Your BMI is a number to determine whether you are overweight or perhaps underweight. When you want to calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index, you calculate the ratio between your height and your weight. Are you also curious about your BMI? Let us help you calculate it quickly and easily.