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Sports meals from Smart Meals

Sports meals for achieving your goals.

At Smart Meals, it is possible to get super healthy buy sports meals that are a good underpinning of a healthy lifestyle. The Smart Meals are specially designed to achieve your goals better and easier. Because nutrition plays an essential role! Sports meals consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients.


Dosed sports meals

Smart Meals sports meals are suitable for eating before and after exercise. The sports meals also fit well into the lifestyle of dosed eating. This involves eating smaller meals 6 times a day every 2 to 3 hours instead of one large meal 3 times a day. This is healthier for a number of reasons. First of all, the dosed food keeps your metabolism active, so that you burn more calories. Second, your blood sugar levels and digestion are reduced. Finally, this is the best way to build muscle and lose weight. This is because you are continuously supplied with energy and proteins. Your muscles get a better recovery period, making it easier to build muscle and recover faster. Because you get enough energy throughout the day, your body will store less fat as a reserve and also release the fat reserves more quickly.

Losing weight with sports meals as a goal

At Smart Meals there are different packages available, including a package to lose weight. This package contains sports meals with a lot of proteins and vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, but ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients. The meals are low in carbohydrates because when  losing weight it is essential that you take in less energy than you need, but of course you must eat enough. The meals consist of slow carbohydrates so that your body gets energy for longer from the same number of calories. Each meal also contains about 40 grams of protein, which ensures that your muscles do not break down during weight loss. you want to maintain as much muscle mass as possible, because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest.


build muscle

Smart Meals offers multiple sports meals to help you build muscle mass. The meals contain a lot of protein, which is necessary to build muscle. This package also contains more carbohydrates in the fitness meals, which helps you to train better. Because the more muscle you have, the more you have to eat to maintain it. Because with a shortage of energy, your muscles will be broken down faster.

shock freezing

Smart Meals only uses the best ingredients to make its sports meals. All ingredients come directly from the farm, after which they are frozen in the shock freezer. The ingredients are quickly brought back to a temperature of -18 °C in an environment of -40 °C. The result of this is a fresh product of top quality.

But what is the difference between freezing something normally to -18 °C in the freezer and freezing something to -18 °C in the shock freezer. In a normal freezer, it takes a long time for an ingredient to freeze to -18°C in the core. Because it takes so long, the moisture gets the chance to expand to the maximum, creating macro crystals. The moment the ingredient thaws, it ’empties’ because all the moisture literally runs out of the ingredient. A lot of taste is lost, but nutrients are also lost.

With shock freezing, the ingredient is therefore brought back more quickly to -18 °C in the core, so that the moisture has less time to expand. The moisture is, as it were, trapped in the micro-crystals. When the ingredient thaws, it does not drain, so that the flavor and nutrients remain in the ingredient. This leaves a high-quality product.

Sports meals are prepared without oil or butter

At Smart Meals, no oil or butter is used in the preparation of the sports meals. We do this to ensure that you get the most healthy meal possible with the freshest products and without unnecessary fats. To ensure that our super healthy meals are really tasty, we have seasoned them with herbs.

Why choose Smart Meals sports meals?

Smart Meals uses the freshest produce directly from the land. Because we shock freeze our ingredients, the nutrients and taste are preserved. The sports meals are also extra tasty because of the herbs that Smart Meals uses. In addition, Smart Meals does not use oil, which means that the fitness meals are also really healthy. The meals can be kept for 3 months at -18 °C. It also saves you up to 1 hour a day in the kitchen. Smart also has a fast delivery. If you order on Monday to Thursday before 4 p.m., you will receive it the next day.

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