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Ready-to-eat Meals

Ready-to-eat Ingredients


This is what customers think of Smart Meals

Smart meals

We want to make healthy eating as easy as possible for you. Therefore, our dietitians have designed ready-to-eat meals with a balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. 100% natural nutrition from only the best ingredients. Tasty meals delivered in 1 business day and reheated in just 6 minutes.

Sports & Health Goals

Want to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness or just eat healthy?
For each purpose, the ratio of nutrients you should eat is different. For example, when you lose weight, you eat fewer carbohydrates than when you build muscle. Soon you can no longer see the forest for the trees. With Smart Meals, we help you get the right nutrients for your goals. No more counting calories, weighing ingredients and searching for recipes. In 6 minutes a delicious meal for your purpose on the table.

Freshly Frozen 

The ingredients are prepared within 48 hours of harvesting , then immediately frozen via shock freeze . Thanks to this modern way of working, the nutrients maximally preserved. The taste  of the meal is after heating delicious fresh.
Shopping , cooking food and washing up is a thing of the past. This quickly costs one hour a day. More time for sports, friends and family. The meals are Shelf life of 3 months at -18°C. Store them easily in the freezer for when it’s not convenient for you to cook.

96% less plastic

Smart Meals are packed in biodegradable menu dishes.  Only the label and foil are made of thin plastic. Around the carbon footprint  In order to keep it as small as possible, we also only use green energy . Less plastic and emissions than other ready meals. Together  working on a better world .

100% natural

Meals are prepared with natural products . No butter or oil is used during the preparation. This way we avoid unnecessary calories .
When seasoning, no salt or sugar is added , but only healthy spices are used. Contains only naturally occurring salt & sugar.

6 week weight loss and dry training challenge

You want to improve your figure, don’t you?
Have you also tried a lot but without lasting results? Did you know that with pills, shakes and (crash) diets you only put your body in a saving mode, resulting in extra kilos, a disturbed metabolism, more fat storage, less muscle mass and other physical (vague) complaints? Start now and even get a centimeter guarantee, just because it works!