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The power of shock freeze

Freshly Frozen

Imagine a world where your fruits and vegetables had always been perfect. A world where the best before date was not days, but months away. A world where delicious food was always within reach, fresh and nourishing as if it had come straight from the field… Now you think, okay, but what’s the catch? Pumped full of chemicals? Preservatives galore? Eating science fiction? No, none of that, although the latter may sound intriguing… let’s enlighten you and introduce you to the advanced technology that makes our delicious creations possible.

The Incredible Benefits of Shock Freezing

How do we do that, you ask? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret, but only because it’s you. This lasting quality and freshness is made possible by the magic of shock-freeze technology. Sounds fancy, but what exactly does it mean? Shock freezing is pretty obvious. As the name suggests, it literally means freezing in a very fast time frame. We harvest our ingredients at maximum ripeness and cool them down to -25°C within 1-2 minutes. This highly efficient process freezes the entire cell structure, perfectly preserving the consistency, taste and nutritional properties of every ingredient we use. This means that everything that ends up on your plate is just as fresh and delicious as when it was harvested. You may think of frozen foods you’ve eaten in the past, thinking, “I can definitely tell this was frozen. The mushy consistency, the taste is mediocre, and it lacks freshness.” This is absolutely true for many frozen food options. However, these use conventional freezing processes, which are less rapid and lead to the formation of ice crystals. When heated, ice crystals thin the entire product and remove the crunchy, fresh texture. This is unpalatable and affects the quality of the nutrients. Shock-freeze, on the other hand, minimizes the formation of ice crystals due to the speed of the cooling process. Therefore, the cell structure is not affected and it guarantees maximum taste, texture and above all essential nutrients that keep you healthy and nourished. That’s the beauty of shock-freeze and our promise to you: you won’t be able to tell the difference between products that have been frozen and heated versus products that have never been frozen. Fresh, crunchy and delicious.

Are Shock freeze meals the new superfood?

It may sound unbelievable, but in general, shock freeze food is tastier, crunchier and more nutritious than room temperature versions. This seems counterintuitive because we have been taught to think that frozen and fresh contradict each other. Fruit and vegetables in the supermarket may look ‘fresh’ and attractive, but this is often misplaced. Behind the aesthetic facade are long transport routes, warehouse storage and above all chemical processing. During this process, the nutritional profile is compromised and is gradually broken down. So what the customer pays for is the fresh look, but they don’t get the optimal fresh taste or nutrients. For example, within a week of refrigerated storage, carrots can lose almost 80% of their vitamin C. Shock freeze keeps everything locked up and preserved, while no chemical additives are needed anymore. The cleanest, natural way to keep things fresh and ready to go. You won’t find complicated ingredients that you can’t pronounce or contain E numbers. Our products consist only of healthy ingredients that you know (and will love, trust us).

Are frozen meals the answer to food waste?

About a third of all food produced in Europe ends up in the trash. Groceries are bought, then forgotten and before you know it, they are inedible and thrown away. On a global scale, this causes an unprecedented problem of food waste. This drain on precious and expensive resources is as preventable as it is unacceptable. Shock freezing offers a practical and sustainable solution. Shock freezing makes time stand still and keeps food fresh and preserved. This guarantees lasting quality, which means that our products have a shelf life of at least 6 months, usually much longer. So you don’t have to worry about expiration dates or worry about throwing something away. Our meals can be easily stored in your freezer, ready to enjoy when you are.