Fat Metabolic Support Night – 60 veggiecaps

Fat Metabolic Support Night

Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and want to provide your body with the highest quality nutrients even during the night? Then Fat Metabolic Support Night is for you! Ideal to use in conjunction with Fat Metabolic Support to work on your dream physique 24 hours a day. Packed with natural ingredients such as Gamma- Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), L-Theanine, ginger root, green tea extract and cinnamon. And all this in the most optimal ratio per capsule; thus, just one dose per day is enough.

The result of years of development

XXL Nutrition has worked with fitness professionals for years to develop Fat Metabolic Support Night. This allows us to guarantee the quality you have come to expect from us, and you can be sure that you are providing your body with the purest ingredients. Also, each capsule contains 15 micrograms of melatonin. Get the benefits of Fat Metabolic Support Night by taking just 2 capsules before bed.

Natural ingredients

Because mainly pure ingredients are used in Fat Metabolic Support Night, Fat Metabolic Support Night fits perfectly into a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Consider ingredients such as vegetable tea, ginger root, cinnamon and valerian. Also, there are no animal products used in the veggie caps, so they can also be used in a vegan lifestyle.

Use and dosage

Take 1 dose of Fat Metabolic Support Night (2 capsules) before bedtime. Use up to 2 doses per day, do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.



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