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Congratulations! We invited you to become a partner.

By invitation only.

What does it entail?

You will receive a partner package worth €100,- and a unique action code worth €15,-.
With the meals you received, you will create 3x story or timeline posts. For every new customer who uses your code, you will receive €10 commission. You can use this to order new meals and post regularly, so you continue to receive ongoing commission.
That much
discount? Are you sure? We make sure that it becomes very tempting to make a purchase, so that your effort does not go unrewarded.


Take pictures or a short video showing where this is convenient for you.
-Place your unique discount code always in the post
-Post a link to
-Demonstrates that you can eat it anywhere work/study/on-the-go
-Also during lunch easily a High Protein Meal
-Shows how much protein there is in the meals
-Heat up in 5 minutes
-Delicious meals!

Already have an account as a customer? First log in to that account and then come back to this page. Your details are already filled in.

By registering you agree to post at least 3 posts on different days in exchange for the meal affiliate package. If you do not do this, we may charge the costs of this package.

Register a new affiliate account

Can’t log in? Contact us by whatsapp or email.

How does it work?

Sign up on this page. Once your registration has been approved you can find the discount code by logging in to your partner page . Via the login you can see live who uses your identical discount code, how much you have earned and what is still being paid out. Save this link so you know where to log in. NB! You cannot log in to the partner section if you are already logged in to the client section. log out first or go to the partner page with an incognito.

Where is my code?

When you click on ‘Coupons’ in the menu, you will see the discount code that you can send to your followers. You will also find an overview of earned money, how much is still open and how much has already been paid out. You can track this live and see who comes in through you.