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Explanation Nutri score

New food choice logo Nutri-Score

The national government wants consumers to be able to choose healthy food quickly and easily. Overweight is becoming increasingly common; 1 out of 2 Dutch people is overweight. But what is healthy food? This requires clear and reliable information on products. That is why Nutri-Score will become the food choice logo in the Netherlands in 2021.

Simple comparison products

Nutri-Score helps consumers to compare products easily and quickly. This allows them to make healthier choices in the store. For example, if they buy gingerbread. With the food choice logo on the front of the packaging, everyone will soon see at a glance that sugar-free gingerbread has a dark green A. This is therefore a healthier choice than the natural gingerbread with a yellow C. Or the apple & raisin variant with a dark orange D. If you want to know exactly what is in a product, turn the packaging over. That’s where the ingredients table is.

How Nutri-Score works

The logo uses colors and letters to score the product. Independent scientists have developed this system.
A product gets plus points for: protein; fiber; fruit; vegetable; legumes; nuts.
A product gets minus points for: energy content (kcal);
sugars; saturated fat; salt.
Based on the total score, a product is given an A, B, C, D or E. A dark green A stands for the healthiest composition. Products with the least healthy composition are given a dark orange E.

Food government logo

Scientists developed Nutri-Score at the request of the French government that also owns it. More countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and Belgium now use Nutri-Score. The governments of these countries jointly regulate the management of Nutri-Score. The Netherlands will also use the logo. It is necessary to adjust Nutri-Score, so that it fits well with the Dutch Wheel of Five of the Nutrition Center. This is done by scientists from all participating countries.

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