Whey Delicious – Strawberry 1kg

Meet Whey Delicious; according to many users, the tastiest protein shake on the market!
Whey Delicious is packed with high-quality whey protein, BCAAs and glutamine, and with a protein percentage of 80%, you’ll easily work on a high protein intake.
We also succeeded in creating a protein shake without added sugars, and with only a small amount of sweeteners (0.17%), which is so delicious that you’ll want to keep drinking it all day long.

The most popular whey protein in Europe

Despite a great taste has been very important in the development of Whey Delicious, we did not want to make any concessions in terms of nutritional values.
This is why you can be sure that each protein shake has no less than 22 grams of high-quality protein, and also provides you with the necessary levels of glutamic acid and BCAAs.
Various tests have also shown that Whey Delicious meets all requirements, such as in the independent tests conducted by Supplementenlab.


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The secret of taste

Of course, there are several protein shakes on the market with excellent taste.
But few have both great taste and ideal nutritional values.
The reason Whey Delicious tastes so good is because it uses only whey concentrate and isolate, both of the highest quality.
These protein sources are obtained by cold cross-flow microfiltration, which preserves the protein’s natural structure, contains unique peptides, and can be quickly absorbed by the body.

Use and dosage

Mix 1 dose (30 grams) with 150-200 ml of milk or another beverage of your choice.
Due to its rapid absorption into the body, we recommend using Whey Delicious with breakfast or immediately after training.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) When is the best time to use Whey Delicious?
A) Whey Delicious is best used in the morning and around your workout.
Q ) Can I get side effects from Whey Delicious?
A) Whey Delicious simply consists of pure whey protein and is a completely safe product.
Of course, it is not recommended if you have a lactose allergy.

Registration number

NUT/AS 1986/2 to NUT/AS 1986/15


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