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How many calories do I need per day?

We use this handy tool to calculate your energy needs based on science. We add your BMR or basal metabolic rate to your activity level. Our body needs a certain number of calories to be able to carry out respiration, heart rate, body temperature, but also cell production (eg muscles), protein synthesis and the regulation of nutrients. After calculating the BMR, we add your activities to this. These calculations are not easy. That’s why we do it for you!

How much protein can I take in per meal?

Proteins are an important basis for building muscle mass. Strength training causes small tears in your muscles and tissues, to repair them you need proteins, the only nutrient that is only a building material, not fuel. But how much protein is enough and how much can I absorb per meal? Based on science, we have created a handy tool for this.

Calculate your BMI

BMI means Body Mass Index. Your BMI is a number to determine whether you are overweight or perhaps underweight. When you want to calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index, you calculate the ratio between your height and your weight. Are you also curious about your BMI? Let us help you calculate it quickly and easily.