Affiliate package

The Affiliate Pack includes the Chiapudding Raspberry & Granola, Paella Chicken, Thai Chicken Curry, Gado Gado, Chicken Risotto Spinach, Bolognese Beef, Eastern Rice & Chicken & the Chicken Supreme. A delicious combination full of the right macros and full of vitamins!

-3 months shelf life in the freezer.
– Can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days after receipt.

Nutri-What? Knowing more



Microwave (do not remove lid)
Frozen: heat up for 5 minutes at 900 watts.
Defrosted: Warm up for 3 minutes at 900 watts.

Frozen: heat up for +-8 minutes.
Thawed: Warm up for +-5 minutes.



7 pieces, 14 Pieces, 21 pieces, 28 pieces