High Protein Vega Lasagna (New Recipe)

468kcal | 27.9g protein | 37.2g carbohydrates | 21.6g fat

Vegan Shoarma, lasagna sheets, tomatoes, grilled onion, carrot, zucchini, eggplant and bell bell pepper.

-3 months shelf life in the freezer.
– Can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days after receipt.

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Microwave (remove foil first)
Frozen: reheat for 7 minutes at 900 watts.
Defrosted: reheat for 4 minutes at 900 watts.

Pan (remove foil first)
Frozen: heat up for +-8 minutes.
Thawed: Warm up for +-5 minutes.

Oven (remove foil first)
Frozen: heat up for +-20 minutes at 220℃.
Defrosted: Warm up for +-14 minutes at 220℃.

Nutritional value 430 g
energy 468 kcal
Fat 21,6 g
of which saturated 5,5 g
carbohydrates 37,2 g
of which sugars 8,3 g
fiber 5,7 g
egg white 27,9 g
salt 4,7 g



1 piece, 3 pieces, 6 pieces, 12 pieces

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  1. Dutch

    Heidi Vandermeulen

    Zeer lekker! Praktische opmerking: opgegeven bereidingstijden kloppen niet altijd. Regelmatig is een gedeelte van de maaltijd nog bevroren.

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