6 weeks program A

The package consists of meals that are tailored to your personal needs. Calculated by the nutrition consultant based on the body analysis and the goal you have specified. Not yet filled? Then first go to the 6 Weeks program.

You will receive the total number of meals that you see with the package of your choice. You can store 10 meals in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

After checkout and choosing the delivery date you will receive.
-Your personal nutrition plan.
-Meals (during checkout you can indicate in comments what you do not like)
-The manual with explanation, tips & tricks.

Would you like more information first? Then download the introduction PDF.

You pay per 2 weeks and can stop at any time.

Nutri-What? Knowing more



Microwave (remove foil first)
Frozen: heat for 6 minutes at 900 watts.
Defrosted: Warm up for 3 minutes at 900 watts.

Pan (remove foil first)
Frozen: heat up for +-8 minutes.
Thawed: Warm up for +-5 minutes.

Oven (remove foil first)
Frozen: heat up for +-20 minutes at 220℃.
Defrosted: Warm up for +-14 minutes at 220℃.


Lunch & Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch, Breakfast lunch dinner